Which is Popular Among Brand Adipex and Generic Phentermine?

brand generic Phentermine

Both the brand and generic Adipex are popular among people. Adipex is the brand name whereas Phentermine is the generic name. This is a weight loss medication which is still the most preferred medication by doctors and patients. Let us now look about it in detail.

What is brand and generic Phentermine?

brand and generic phentermineBrand Adipex medication was the first that was introduced in the market after the research and the tests were done. The drug manufacturing company that developed this pill had a patent for it thus preventing the availability of generic pills.

Millions of people started to buy the drug after knowing its efficacy. Once the patent got over, generic Phentermine was introduced in to the market by various drug manufacturers. It has the same active ingredient compared to the brand but might vary among the inactive substances.

Is there any difference between brand and generic Adipex?

Yes, there are lots of differences among the two variants of the weight loss medication. Brand pills would be available at a premium price. The brand pharmaceutical has invested so much during the development and for marketing and that’s the reason behind it.

When the generic Phentermine is considered, it would be available at an affordable rate. There are so many generic drugs in the market hence due to competition and lesser investment, they are able to offer lower price.

It is a must that a generic drug should not look alike the brand one hence you can get Phentermine with different color, shape and size. In fact, there are wide varieties of dosage strength available in generic form.

Do people switch from one Adipex variant to another during the treatment?

Yes, there are people who switch between the variants of drug during the course of therapy. This weight loss pill has to be taken for many days only then it is possible to lose pounds from the body. Not all can afford high price for a drug. So these individuals would switch from brand to generic Phentermine.

There are also cases where individuals started to use brand pills in the middle even though they started the therapy only with generic pills.

Does the effectiveness remain the same?

effectiveness differenceSince both the variant of the weight loss medication has the same active ingredient, it is possible to get similar effectiveness in the body. But, while switching there are people who have felt the new variant to be less effective and the only solution for this is to continue taking the medication. Only after a certain period of time the body would accept the new variant of Phentermine and start to react to it. However, it is not possible to generalize.

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