Terms and Conditions

These multiple terms presented here are to govern the usage guide of the website. Before accessing every single perk of this website make sure of every term of us. The continued access to your website is taken as the token of acceptance from our user side.

Web access

A registered access is not mandatory to enjoy the most information presented on our website or in placing an order for the products. However, we recommend to register and have additional beneficial information from us.

Bound to access the website

This website can be used for your private access in accordance with our terms.

The user may print or download the information provided here with no modification to the ideas presented here.

By using our website you guarantee us

  • You have accepted to our terms
  • You have an eligible age of above 18 to access the website
  • You are providing true details of you while registering such as your name, age, email and contact info are accurate
  • You are not providing any other person’s info or accessing the website from other person’s account

Website uptime

Necessary measures are taken to ensure the website is maintained as accessible every day and for every user. However if any technical circumstances have to lead to the downtime then we are not responsible for the unavailability of the website under any course of time.

However, in possible times, we emerge to notify you in advance about the maintenance troubles which will cause the downtime of the site. Also, we are not obliged to submit any such prior notice to the customers.

User-submitted material

Any material from the user side by themselves providing us will be considered as non-proprietary and not bound under our confidential limit. Such as the material you send us or post to our website. We shall entitle them or shall use for any other purpose which you provide us. This will not apply to your personal information which we cover under our privacy policy.

While accessing our website you shall not send, forward or post here or from here under following conditions

The materials which you yet to submit us is not owned by you or is not your own creation or thought.

If the comment or post or material you share is discriminatory or defamatory, racial hatred, or in the breach of confidentiality or need to be protected, or if the post is considered to be annoying for others or if it creates inconvenience to others. Any such activity of you if aimed to create or encourage a social offense is not liable, also if your statement is against law portraying any negative statements or opposing the law or government or in contrary to the existing governmental practice or law.

If it against nature spreading the potentiality of harmful viruses or Trojan horses, corruption of data or powerful data to pirate or damage the existing files.

External links in the website

Throughout this website, we may include many links for the reference of our users which will redirect you to our website pages or at times to the third party website holders. The presence of such external links on our website doesn’t mean that we are the legal holders of those websites. By visiting such websites you have taken on your own risk in accessing or purchasing any things from there.

Any third party website holders desired to create a link to our website. If the following credentials are satisfied

If you are not expecting us to endorse the product or service that the third party website offers unless this is agreed by us in written script.

As you do not damage or pretend negatively about our website or misrepresent us.

The linking website should not contain any offensive or controversial statement to the law or us.

By linking to our website as mentioned in the above statement you should be authorized for any damage or loss to us because of you.


We do not ensure that the information presented here is not available up to date and accurate at all instance with no regards to time.

Every piece of material presented on this website is provided without warranty to any info. Any access to information on this website should be taken at your own risk.

Liability exclusions

We do not take on the responsibility for the loss or damage that occurred on behalf of using this website.

The terms included here will not be excluded or limit our liability concerning the death or personal injury of any person. As this cannot be neglected by us under our government law.

Privacy policy

The user’s personal information provided us are deemed to be maintained confidentially by us. This will be taken in accordance with our privacy policy and terms.

Return policy

The user purchasing the products from us has the complete liberty to cancel the order placed within two hours on regular business days and if the order was placed on weekends the order can be canceled within 24 hours. Once the orders are shipped out from us the user cannot cancel the order.

If your order is not canceled within the mentioned period of time then the user should notify us via email and our team will guide you what to do next.

And a full refund will be provided after the request is claimed.

If the products are opened by you then we may not accept the return of such package.

If the user possibly provides a valid verification of the issue and returning the product back to us we will accept the request and will offer a complete refund of the product or with a reshipment if recommended.

If the product is returned from customs to us then we will offer reshipment of the product or either refund.


The orders we process will depend on the availability and acceptance of service. If your ordered product is not in available in our stock we may notify you by a mail. Either you can cancel your order or can wait till the stock is refilled.

We always consider orders as a consumers wish to make a purchase from us hence we have the complete liberty to cancel the orders placed. We may include some automated confirmation of your orders which should not be taken as an acceptance of your orders until you receive a conclusion of the contract which we will send you at the time of dispatch.

Some delay in arriving may occur this is due to the holding of your pack by the customs. Also, we do not take on responsibility for such delay of your packs.


The cost that includes the cost of the goods and products is the cost which both the seller and the buyer agrees to pay.

The seller can avail discount from the normal prices and the cost revise will be taken into account of any inflation of the account or sudden increase in the cost including the cost of the product, labor, tax, levy, exchange rates, and others.

The value-added tax is excluded from this which the buyer should pay along with the product.


The transaction can be processed using VISA and MasterCard. We need the payment should be processed before your order is dispatched.

Entire agreement

All the above-mentioned terms serve as the agreement between the user (you) and us.