Phentermine FAQs answered

Can you take the standard Phentermine 37.5mg dosage strength?

This is the appropriate dosage strength for everyone who is very obese. However, some people have to take only the lower doses of Phentermine and this can be identified with the help of a medical specialist.

Is it safe to buy Phentermine 37.5mg online?

It is absolutely safe to buy Phentermine 37.5mg online. You just need to select a trustworthy site that would be selling only authentic pills. This can be ensured by checking the license in the website.

Can you take Phentermine to lose 5kgs?

No, Phentermine is the medication that is recommended only for people whose BMI is 30 or above that. In addition to that, if a person possesses high risk of getting affected by health issues due to obesity then this drug is prescribed.

Is it possible to buy Phentermine online with fast delivery?

Yes, You can buy Phentermine online with fast delivery. After placing the order it’s possible to get the pills within 24 hours buy our express shipping method.

Which is cheaper Adipex or Phentermine?

These are nothing but the brand and generic pills. It is well known that Phentermine is very much cheap compared to Adipex. However, you can get both these versions of the medication at an affordable rate in an online pharmacy.

Does Phentermine burn fat?

No, Phentermine is just an appetite suppressant and this does not burn any calorie from the body. You need to do a vigorous workout and take a healthy diet in order to start losing weight. Moreover, taking this weight loss medication would be the advantage for those who are not able to control the cravings towards the food.

Can you share your Phentermine with a person whose age is below 18?

You are not supposed to share this weight loss pills with anyone whether they are below or above the age of eighteen. You should also know that Phentermine can be taken only by adults who crossed the age 18.

Do you suffer from any side effects?

There are chances that a person suffers from side effects like nausea, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth. There are simple and easy methods that can be followed to minimize the risk of ill effects.

How long should you take Phentermine pills?

The answer to this question varies from one person to another. However, it is necessary for a person to take Phentermine for at least two months.

Do you develop tolerance for Phentermine?

Yes, tolerance development is much common in Phentermine pills. It is required to stop the intake of the drug as instructed by the medico for some days and start when they tell you. This period is very much important to lessen the tolerance towardsPhentermine.

Is it possible to lose weight while on Phentermine treatment?

Yes, it is possible for you to lose weight when you are taking Phentermine pills only when you follow strict healthy diet and exercise. The success rate of this weight loss medication is very much high.

Is taking Phentermine that are bought online are effective?

Just like the brick and mortar stores, it is possible for you to get authentic Phentermine pills from an online pharmacy. Even the cost of the pills would be very much cheap but the effectiveness that the medication provides would be very effective.

Can you do swimming to lose weight fast?

Not only swimming you can do aerobics, Zumba, yoga or whatever you like in order to increase the weight loss. Just ensure that you do it regularly so that it can show some positive effects in your body.

Is it possible to take other weight loss pills along with Phentermine?

You are not supposed to combine Phentermine with other weight loss medications as it would cause ill effects in you. Before taking any kind of drug during the treatment, it is essential to consult with a doctor about it.

Do you need a prescription to take Phentermine?

This is a prescription only drug hence you have to get one from the medical specialist. People can even choose an online doctor to get an online prescription.


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