Payments and Refunds


We do have several payment methods to make our customers to pay the amount for an order placement based on their conveniences. Such payment methods are Credit/Debit cards(MasterCard & VISA) and E-checks. Orders placed through Card payment will get up to 25% discount.

Is there any other way to complete my order process rather than utilization of Card payment?

Yes, you have the option of E-check while you placing an order with us. Even though if you have any queries related to the payment mode, then you can contact our customer support team either via email or Live Chat.

I have attempted so many times to complete my order process with credit/debit card but it continuously denied because of few security issues.

Maybe your card is not adaptable to our payment processor. It happens in rare cases and we do not have any solution to rectify it as of now. Sorry for your inconvenience.

I was billed some few dollars more than advertised while paying through the card

Our credit card payment partner has been located in Belgium so we would charge some amount for the currency conversion. (it will be like 1-2% of the total value of money transaction). A credit card holder only going to pay this amount of fee rather than other buyers those who do the transaction with other payment modes. An accurate conversion fee is not determined because it is completely based on your releasing bank. We charge less than 2% for credit cards rather than displayed of your medicinal price.


In some situations, there may be a chance for your package to be lost before it leaves the United States. Also, we provide refund and reshipment when your order shipment meets the following standards.

  • Your parcel was seized by customs.
  • Your order parcel was lost during transit(Not able to view the update status of tracking (i.e)3 weeks for RMS and 2 weeks for EMS))
  • The timely delivery of EMS package is 8-10 business days and RMS is 13-15 business days. (We will refund or reship while your order shipment parcel does not deliver to your place within 25 days for Express Mail Service and 57 days for Registered Air Mail).

Some of the following criteria do not cover our refund or reshipment policy.

  • An inappropriate shipping address has been given to us
  • The parcel has returned back to our place because of assorted delivery strive to fail.