Overcome Phentermine side effects with these simple steps

Overcome Phentermine side effects

There is no doubt that Phentermine is the most effective medication that can help you to lose weight. However, we should not neglect the fact that so many side effects are also triggered during the course of therapy. Here, we are going to list some of the common Phentermine side effects and the ways to combat it.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleepWhen Phentermine is taken it would cause difficulty in sleeping. Sleep is essential if you want to lose weight. Those who do not sleep for a period of six to seven hours daily would find a significant increase in the weight. No proper sleep would affect the mind and push you to follow inappropriate food choices.

So, if you find that you are having difficulty to sleep at night then you have to follow these steps. Avoid using gadgets late in the evening. Take a warm bath and take a slow walk in your garden. Before going to sleep drink warm milk. These are some amazing steps that can provoke sleep in a person.

Dry mouth

Sample image of dry mouth girlOne of the common side effects that a person suffers from, while on Phentermine treatment is dry mouth and it is also very simple to handle this. Dry mouth is nothing but insufficient water in the body. So you have to incorporate water-rich vegetables and fruits in your meal. Increase the amount of water intake daily.

There is no issue for you to drink fresh juices during the weight loss schedule. So, go for watermelon, or strawberry juice which has high water content in it. there is no chance for you to gain weight through this but can easily combat dry mouth issue.


girl suffered with dizzinessLack of water would also cause dizziness. So, check whether you are consuming enough water for the day or not. The minimum calorie that you are supposed to consume per day is 1200 be if you are a female or a male. Do not eat less than this. Very less calorie intake would also cause dizziness. Apart from this also check whether you are consuming necessary nutrients in a day. If your diet lacks iron then go for red meat, cereals and greens. Only Vitamin C can help your body to absorb iron. So, try to take foods that are rich in Vitamin C like broccoli and bell peppers.


NauseaNever follow a self-diet at any cost. Go to the dietitian and formulate one that is suitable for you. People follow a very strict diet, in other words, they follow very unhealthy diet thus gets suffered from nausea. Though you want to lose weight you should not forget that you are supposed to fuel your body daily with enough nutrients. Once you change the diet to a healthy one there are chances that this symptom fades away.

You can also consume mint tea if you feel nausea. Put mint leaves in the boiling water and keep it for thirty minutes. You can then strain and consume it. You can also replace mint with ginger as it can also help you to get rid of nausea.


ConstipationAvoid coffee, alcohol or hydrated drinks during the treatment. These may result in constipation. Include foods that are rich in fiber so that you need not have to suffer from this side effect. Never forget to exercise daily. If you are going to work out at least thirty minutes in a day it would not only increase the possibility to lose weight but also promotes your bowel movement.

If the Phentermine side effects persist for a longer period then you can consult with your doctor.

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