Why over the counter Phentermine is not a good choice?

Every person in this world would have one aim in common at least at one point of time. This would be to lose excessive weight from the body. Phentermine can be very much helpful for you in this. It is a very popular weight loss medication in the market and there are so many people who have taken as well as got benefitted from it. Though this is just a weight lost drug you are not supposed to get it over the counter. Let us look at why this is not a good choice at all.

Phentermine over the counter-Disadvantages

Individuals those who are obese for a longer period of time would have developed so many health conditions. Some people would already be a victim of heart ailments, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. There are few obese people who are at high risk of getting affected by these health issues.

In this case, they might be already taking any medications. If you are going to consume Adipex over the counter then there are chances that you would pave way for drug interactions. This medication would interact with other pills that you are already taking. This is the reason why we insist the Phentermine over the counter is definitely not a good choice. If you are going to consult with a healthcare professional he or she would ask about the medical ailments that you are suffering from and also know about the drugs that you are taking for it. Here the occurrence of drug interaction is prevented.

The second scenario is that, Phentermine medication would not be suitable for every person. This means that they might get severe allergic reactions when taken. If you are going to order Phentermine over the counter then you will not know about these consequences. The worst part is that you would also have no idea on how to manage the allergic reactions that you get in the body. There are also chances that you might experience certain ill effects during the treatment with Adipex over the counter pills. Only when you have a medical advice it is possible for you to be safe and secure.

Though there is only dosage strength that is generally taken by most of the people it still does not mean that it is suitable for you. Not everyone should take Phentermine dosage of 37.5mg for their treatment. There are also people who require very less dose than this. It is applicable especially for older patients. They are the ones those who are mostly instructed to take half the dose of 37.5mg for their therapy. In this situation, self-treating would actually put you in worse condition just by taking a wrong dose.

Last but not the least you have to get Phentermine with prescription only. Those who do not have one and try to get the pills are actually violating the law. The authorities have created a law in which they have enforced people to get this medication only after consulting a doctor and getting a medical script. You are not supposed to violate it at any cost. But when you do so there is high chance that you would be punished either you would be put behind bars or you would be allowed to pay fine. This depends on the severity of the crime that you have done.

After reading this you would have understood that it is not a right choice to get Phentermine over the counter. So, if you want to lose weight just go consult the doctor and get the prescription for Phentermine.


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