Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of taking Phentermine?

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant to aid you in your weight loss journey. To intake fewer amount of meal than before is the actual mechanism motive of this med. Hence by reducing the hunger sensation and boosting the energy in the patients this med acts beneficial in providing the opt solution as expected. This is done by interacting with the brain chemicals and stimulating the nuclei in the hypothalamus in the brain. Nor-epinephrine and epinephrine are primarily released to break down the stored fats.


This med acts effectively by three collective actions such as suppressing the hunger-stimulating chemicals, releasing the fat breaking chemicals, boosting up the energy in the patient.

What do Freephen375 provide their customers?

Here at Freephen357, we serve both Generic and Brand medication Adipex. The standard dosage of Phentermine 37.5 mg is the peculiar pill we offer. All the medications are sold under prescription. Our drugs are imported directly from Vintage Pharmaceuticals one of the approved trade license holder of Phentermine. From them, we offer the high-quality pills to our customers. we offer an affordable price. No cheap medications are sold here.

How do Freephen375 stand oddly from others?

We are sourcing our products directly from the manufacturers hence the quality assurance is maintained and the customer's experience is our main motive. We work for the comfort of them thus our website is designed in such a way to promote the user-friendliness and makes easier access to the site. Also, the user can avail the secure payment processing via VISA and MasterCard. Best secured packets are made to reach our customers via the trusted shipping service. Also if any mishaps occurred on our side we kind kindheartedly apologize for our mistake and provides a complete refund.

Is it safe to use Freephen375? how updated is your security system?

We respect the user's liberty and their right and protects their confidential payment transaction information and other medical related documents and statements will be secured by using encrypted servers protection. Also to avoid taking a risk on piracy of the source we also use web security software to enable a high level of security. This is also updated periodically to avoid the mishaps.

Wanna connect you?

We are maintaining a well equipped and trained customers handler team. They will be provided enough knowledge to guide you through the process. At any time our customer can connect the team via emails and chat box. Also, we use spam filters while contacting us hence make sure you are using an authenticated entry.

Is Phentermine the only product you offer?

Yes, Phentermine 37.5 mg and its Brand Adipex 37.5mg are the meds we are serving our customers. The best and high quality of Phen pills are made available directly from the trusted manufacturers.

Cost of your shipping service?

We provide shipping below a penny cost. Yes, we offer free international shipping for our customers.

What are the modes of shipping you provide?

We provide two modes of shipping via RMS (Registered Mail Service) and EMS ( Express Mail Service). This gets your pack directly to your doorstep. The cost and the timing of the service are mentioned in detail on our shipping service page.

Do the Phentermine packages wanna signed while receiving? Do waiving supports delivery?

All the orders you placed will be delivered after verification to ensure your presence. We consider our customers signature as the sign of confirmation of perfect delivery if you are not available to pick your package you can then collect your drug pack from any of your nearby located shipping service center of us.

Is it possible for my friend to receive my package from the post office on behalf of me?

While on pacing at home it is possible to receive the package on the registered address. If your pack is held at our delivery service office it is mandatory to collect the package by you and the registered id proof is needed for verification.

Do Freephen375 ship through DHL, UPS, FedEx, and others?

No, we are shipping via other such trusted source. We are using EMS and RMS service to deliver our packages to our customers. Also, this service is provided at free of cost. Also, we assure secured and timely deliver every time.

From where your products are shipped from?

Once your order is placed a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered mail id. And from then our nearby dispatching units. Also, there are some exceptional countries where we still didn’t establish our services. The list of such countries is mentioned in detail on our shipping page.

When will the tracking details reach the user?

Once the order is confirmed and on arrival of the confirmation mail, the tracking number of your package will be sent to you.

How to use the tracking number?

Using the number we provide you in the email, you can track from our website. From your logged in the account, you should enter the number provided in your track your package space from where you will be redirected to our shipping service page tracking. There you can find the path of your pack.

How secure is your packaging systems are?

The pack we use is discreet and secured. The drug package is wrapped with dual bubble covering with outer white lining enveloping the assumption of the product. Also, the name Phentermine will not be shown publicly in the outer package. We mention it on the lower end of the pack.

How to claim for a reshipment or a refund?

Under some unexpected cases such as if you receive the incorrect pack or damaged pack and if the pack is not delivered, you can raise a complaint or request over email to our customer care executives.

However, if you are absent to collect the package, after several attempts your pack will be recorded as undelivered. Also, we may not offer a refund.

How to assure my payment credentials remains confidential during this purchase?

Your credit card entry will establish as a discreet product has been purchased. And our payment accessing team members are experts in ensuring the complete security and secrecy of the package. Also, the payment data will not be stored and it cannot be viewed by any third party users all your personal details will be completely safe and secure.

Do the credit card statement reveals the nature of my purchase?

We will not let it happen. The statement will be mentioned as a discreet package to protect you and maintain secrecy.

My payment access to your website is rejected continuously by my bank. Why?

It is a very rare occurrence which might happen because of the use of filters. These filters will block the processing of payments to Freephen375 because of the location. You can try paying using a different card.

Why is Phentermine 37.5mg most recommended?

The standard dosage of this weight loss pill is found to be 37.5mg. As this is tolerated by many people’s health condition and this med has provided better results. A single pill in the morning will bring a better result for the entire day.

Is it safe to continue Phentermine while on other treatments?

As Phentermine is maintained and regulated as a controlled substance the med may have the chances of interacting with another med. Hence the user before starting other treatments or Phentermine should check the interaction with the physician.